Better design equals greater productivity

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Working smarter is all about creating the right environment


Fast-growing businesses can face a variety of challenges as they scale. While there’s the pressure and excitement of being in the midst of progress, how do you accommodate an expanding workforce?

A well-designed office is the right environment to ensure your team can flourish and help your business to grow. However, it can be difficult to find somewhere suitable  – especially when time is of the essence and you need to move in yesterday – without paying a premium or locking your business into a long-term lease.

Employees can easily spend more than half their waking hours at the workplace, so it needs to be somewhere that promotes wellbeing too: research increasingly shows that more hours in the office do not always mean productivity improvement – especially when it’s far from being a comfortable environment. 

Increasingly, we are coming to recognise that good design is essential for wellbeing. It’s a fact that better health and engagement in the workplace leads to productivity improvement. An attractive workspace design can enhance creativity and social interactions, and even raise the happiness levels of those working there – which helps to reduce stress.

Regus’s bright, inspiring workspace designs are to help people do their jobs to the best of their abilities. From quiet desks and well-appointed meeting rooms to breakout areas and places to spread out with a coffee and a snack, many locations are able to cater for every point in the working day – turning what could be a stress-inducing environment into one that promotes a calm and productive atmosphere, with greater collaboration and creativity. 

Interior design can play a major part too: bright and cheerful finishes help to stimulate brain and body to be more alert and energetic, and the amount of natural light (the more the better) is a big mood-enhancer. At the same time, comfortable furnishings and unfussy fittings that work well help to create an inviting environment – no one wants to fiddle around to open a tricky window handle. 

Offices of the future could look very different to the traditional cubicles and partitions familiar to many veteran office-workers: these days, there is much more understanding of how important the immediate work environment is to wellbeing and, consequently, productivity.

Good design can also help to lower stress levels by adding mobilising desks, having an open office layout, installing exercise and relaxing spaces, and adding ergonomic furniture. Perhaps it’s time to find out how a well-designed flexible workspace can help your business to grow faster.


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