Create a comfortable office to benefit your business

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Find the right environment to suit your needs – and help you work better


We spend a third of our lives at work, so popular belief has it – and for those who run businesses, the likelihood is that it’s even more than that (at least it probably is in the early years of setting up a new company or project). With that in mind, it makes sense to think about your surroundings if you’re going to be looking at them a lot. 

For anyone who thinks rearranging the pot plants and choosing the right shade of white for the walls is a waste of time, it isn’t just about aesthetics. Not only is the right office environment good for workplace wellbeing but it also helps to increase work productivity. And alongside those pot plants and that wall colour are other factors that require real attention: hunching over in the wrong chair in a poorly-lit room is bad for physical as well as mental health. Feeling creaky and stressed is unlikely to help you to get things done.

You may be aware of all this already but still not be able to bring yourself to do anything about it. After all, you’ve got clients to meet, employees to manage, and a  business to grow. Thinking about your premises is unlikely to be high on the list of priorities when more critical tasks require immediate attention, yet it’s a catch-22 situation: an uncomfortable office can have a genuinely damaging effect on primary functions if not taken seriously.

This is where serviced offices from the likes of Regus can help. Featuring well-appointed desks with ergonomic seating and plenty of plugs, a Regus office is designed to help you get things done by removing any of the “barriers to entry” that might impede on your work schedule. Many have breakout areas and kitchens for those moments when you need a change of scenery and a stretch of the legs. Well-lit, professional-looking environments that you can proudly bring clients to are the order of the day (there are comfortable meeting rooms for that eventuality too). And some are even located in iconic buildings like the grand 1930s Rex House in London’s St James’s – an impressive address if ever there was one. Others might be found among the parkland of an elegant business park like this development in the Hampshire countryside.

To really make the most of your working day (and fulfil your business potential), it’s worth remembering that comfort is key. And that there’s an office-space brand who can provide that for you.


Create a comfortable office and keep your business on track