Interview with Marie Cornelis, Regus Team Lead Sales Manager, Belgium


Interview with Marie Cornelis, Regus Team Lead Sales Manager, Belgium

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Based in Brussels, Marie Cornelis is a working mother who teaches Zumba in her free time, but she’s also discovered Regus offers a great environment to take on new challenges


Not everyone is lucky enough to say they love their job, but Marie Cornelis does. As a team lead sales manager in Brussels, she is responsible for managing three people, and keeping them happy is a top priority. “I want my team to be successful, do something meaningful and be the best version of themselves,” she says. It’s this optimism and enthusiasm that has helped this young mother climb the ranks within Regus.

Cornelis joined the company seven years ago as a community associate when she was in her mid 20s. Now she has a two-year-old son and was promoted to her current position at the beginning of 2019, after working in various areas of the business such as marketing and operations. Describing herself as “crazy about new challenges” and “full of energy”, she says she is grateful that she could “grow step-by-step” and had the chance to prove herself. In her free time, she teaches Zumba dance classes.

Regus office in Belgium

Recognising the value of nurturing the spirit of young professionals, Regus has given Cornelis the opportunity to work in an environment that allows her to flourish. She says that “every day is different” and that one of the things she particularly enjoys is be able to work from anywhere. “There is great flexibility,” she says. She also appreciates being able to meet clients and learn about their ways of doing business. “I seek fulfilment from helping others develop and grow,” she says.

What has helped Cornelis progress during her time at Regus so far? She says: “Starting at the bottom is great because learning from the ground up can teach you a lot. And one day you can be at the top! I’ve also been part of a strong team with wonderful motivated and experienced colleagues who have always been happy to assist. I’ve had some inspirational managers throughout my career too. It has been good for me to work with professionals who are excited about what they do – it inspires you to become like them.”

Regus office in Belgium

Every job has its challenges, of course, but some of the skills Cornelis says she has developed over the years include adaptability, stress control, creativity and people management. “This is extremely important and the key to our success,” she says. Communication isn’t always straight-forward in a big company but by endeavouring to stay informed and being proactive, she has helped her team work together to follow procedure. That said, she also has the “freedom to find solutions and reach targets”, which is empowering.

Founded in Belgium in 1989, Regus now has serviced offices all over the country; globally, it is present in more than 3,000 locations in 120 countries. Being part of the “workspace revolution,” as Cornelis describes it, has proved exciting. “The business is growing fast so we need to stay up to date and on the top of everything on the market,” she says. “I love the challenges and I’m not afraid to think outside the box and step out of my comfort zone.”

With increasing numbers of people setting up their own companies or leaving their jobs to go freelance, tapping into this “self-actualised” mindset is critical. Working for Regus, Cornelis says a job like hers suits someone who can think like an entrepreneur, is ambitious and has strong inter-personal skills. She says her top tips for building a small, thriving business community are: listen to people and be interested, work hard and “don’t doubt yourself”. Signing up for a Zumba class helps too.

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