Regus will sponsor and attend BCI India

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Regus will meet risk directors from across India and showcase its range of workplace-recovery solutions 


On 28th February, Regus will attend the BCI India conference in Chennai, an event that welcomes risk directors and professionals from the business-continuity industry across India.

The theme of the conference this year is “Evolving Threats and Opportunities”, and the programme will explore business continuity in our era of connectivity and machine technology. Featuring case studies, plenaries and interactive sessions delivered by thought leaders from the global risk-management industry, the conference will explore how tech trends such as cyber-physical systems (CPS), the internet of things (IoT), industrial internet of things (IIOT), cloud computing, cognitive computing and artificial intelligence are shaping the future of the sector.

Mitesh Shah, Director of Workplace Recovery for Regus in the Asia Pacific region, is one of the senior team members from Regus who will attend. “BCI India is a premier conference that brings together all business continuity, disaster recovery and risk-management professionals from India,” he says. “It is a great platform for Regus to create awareness on our Workplace Recovery products to the attendees, and network with partners and clients.” 

Regus will also act as a sponsor of BCI India. “BCI and Regus have a symbiotic relationship that’s of great benefit to its members. Also,Regus has sponsored multiple BCI conferences globally,” says Shah. “This is the third BCI conference Regus is sponsoring in India.”

For Regus, BCI India is a chance to meet with professionals from the risk-management sector across the country and spread the word about its workplace recovery solutions. Last year, Regus’s involvement was hugely beneficial. “We had over 100 participants attending the last BCI conference,” says Shah. “It was a very good event with exposure to new risk professionals in India.”

Regus’s role in risk management in the workplace is to help risk directors create business-continuity solutions that give companies access to its flexible office locations during a crisis. When a company’s normal office becomes inaccessible, they can arrange to use Regus’s 3,000 locations around the world as back-up, temporary workspace for employees. Attending disaster-recovery and flexspace events around the globe is a key way for Regus to inform risk-management professionals about how flexspace can provide a valuable solution in a crisis.

In India, Regus workplace-recovery solutions have recently been used for a number of isolated events, including a business’s network failure and in the face of political protests. Shah believes that some key business-continuity concerns for the nation’s enterprises are developing strategies for more widespread problems, and formulating people-centric solutions that truly benefit staff – which includes providing back-up office space that’s conveniently located for them. “The most important topics for workplace recovery in India are recovering an area-wide crisis when multiple regions in a city are impacted, and delivering employee-friendly recovery solutions, so that business continuity can be achieved closer to where staff actually live,” he says.

The Regus team will attend an array of flexible-working events in 2020 to continue spreading key messages about how flexspace can provide innovative solutions for modern companies, and also to learn from the international business community about how their needs can best be served.


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